Down the Ballot

Friday, February 13, 2015

Of Edicts & Editorials

It has been a confusing, if not strange week in Oregon politics. Oregon's John Kitzhaber, the ever ready emergency room doctor turned politician, turned elder statesman turned politician again has finally decided to resign on the 18th of this month. The only governor in Oregon history to be elected to 4 terms will not see the end of his final term. I'm still not sure anyone has this thing all figured out. Having only served a little over a month of his 4th term he will official pass on the duties to Secretary of State Kate Brown.

This unfolding drama story of a boy, his girl and a state show the limits of our own patience when it comes to the work of commissions tasked with such work. In an age when editorials are edicts handed down from some meeting room with poor lighting we would all do better to take a minute or two before we pass judgement.

His resignation will bring change and more importantly focus back to the office of Governor and to the people of Oregon, which even John Kitzhaber knows is the most important reason for serving. As the Ethics Commission, the FBI, continue their jobs we hope that their work is allowed to continue without interference.

Oregon will get through this, we will continue to fly with our own wings.The turbulence will die down and we'll get back on course.
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