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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pogo for the Future

Sticks? We don't need no stinking STICKS!

I still have no idea about this one. I never owned myself, but 30 years ago the Pogo Ball was mass produced by Hasbro to sell to parents in attempt to please their children for a few minutes of joy before tossing the damn thing in the pile of fads collecting dust in the garage. The Pogo Ball was just that; based off the Pogo Stick, only instead of a stick and springs there is a big rubber ball.

Some things are best left in 1985.

I'm a Pogo ball master! 

There is also this one:

Of course for every sport (or thing that could be a sport) there is an EXTREME version of it being done by people with way more free time than me.

God Bless M'rica! & The Extreme Pogo Ballers out there.

actually, that was sorta cool. Hmmmm where can I get a vintage Pogo ball??
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