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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

GSY: Tomorrowland

I didn't know what to expect really when I bought my ticket. On one hand it was a Disney film, on the other hand it was a non childish sci-fi film. We sometimes forget that Disney has the potential to make films that are not geared toward elementary students. I went to see this movie on Memorial Day. What better day could there be to think about a hopeful future? (Warning Possible Spoilers ahead...I warned you)

There were maybe a half a dozen people in the theater with me and as the previews were buzzing overhead, a familiar tune filled the theater. It was the Star Wars theme. The preview that got rave reviews several weeks ago was showing and I must admit it, like Star Wars itself, is something that needs a big screen. It was that cool. Back to this sci-fi flim....

I thought the acting was pretty good. Not that I have seen many George Clooney films since Batman (no, I'm not kidding not counting Batman, the Oceans Films, Monuments Men I haven't really kept pace with his films). Hugh Laurie delivered as usual. Brittney Robertson and Raffey Cassidy also played believable characters. There were some surprises in minor roles. Kathryan Hahn, Tim McGraw, and Keegen Michael Key were all pleasant surprises, but the biggest of all had to have been PAUL friggin MCGILLION. Great to see him on the big screen, even if it was only for a minute or so.

Special effects were what you expect of a big budget production these days. It's really hard to impress in the aftermath of AVATAR. They created a believable world of the future and I appreciated how they used the 1964 World's Fair to create it. I did not live in the generation that did 'World's Fairs' so I have no personal experience of stepping foot into a brand new and fantastic world. All I have is my imagination (influenced greatly by other works of fiction)Where's my flying car Back to the Future folks?

While I know writers meant well in the wisdom this film attempted to pass on, they often times reminded us way too often and weren't very confident in our ability to take a hint and be a little intelligent about it. Let alone actually use the mystery of Clooney's character effectively. They did some great background work on building up the characters via the closing of a NASA launch site and the 1964 World's Fair. Understanding the fall out between Hugh Laurie and Clooney in the plot is hard. They seem at the end to be somewhat friendly, even if Laurie is playing a rather dull villain. 

The story just didn't do anything for me. I'm sure it makes sense on paper and all, but it was just lacking in development. The mystery wasn't very mysterious or if there was a mystery it had a very under preforming reveal. Then again, we are talking about a film based on a theme park ride/attraction.

All in all, I laughed a bit and had an enjoyable time. I just probably wouldn't need to watch this film again.
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