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Monday, June 13, 2011

Oregon Outdoors: Dorman Pond

Many Oregonians have no idea how lucky they are, they rarely venture out of their comfortable surroundings and go out and explore the vastness of this great landscape. Camping, fishing, hiking, sightseeing and a myriad of other activities await the brave souls who venture out into Oregon. It's a wonderful place and you should know more about it. 

I suspect that many folks have not heard of Dorman Pond. If you are looking for a not too out of the way place to unload your rod and reel skills then you might consider making the 45 minute drive from Portland out towards the coast range to try the waters out. Trout are stocked in Dorman by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. You might also find yourself with a bass or bluegill attached to your line. If you enjoy fishing, birdwatching, canoeing, then you will enjoy Dorman Pond. There is a natural beauty to the pond and surroundings. On many trips out there I have seen people in non-motorized boats out enjoying the pond. With all the good things going for Dorman, there are a few downsides.

For starters there are no traditional service facilities like bathrooms, garbage cans,  parking facilities, boat ramps, nothing. Remember, this isn't a city, county, state, or federal park. It is a lake on the side of HWY 6. That brings us to the other problem. Being right off a state highway there is noise associated from traffic to and from Tillamook. While huge trucks can be a problem and kill the mood it isn't like they are constantly racing by, this is HWY 6 not 26. Traffic is usually really light at all times of the day. If you really need to use a bathroom just up HWY 6, not even a mile is Gales Creek Gas and Grocery.

If your single purpose to get to the pond and stay there for the day most folks stop in at Jim's Thriftway in Banks, Oregon on their way up to buy bait, ice and whatever else you want to eat for the day. Folks with the time or interest might want to explore the communities of Glenwood and Gales Creek which are close by. The Gales Creek Tavern is a nice spot. When you leave Dorman just follow HWY 8 to Gales Creek. Other dining facilities nearby are the Out Aza Blue Market & Cafe, which is about 2 miles up the road. They have an amazing menu. The other place that is close by is called Coleman's 9N Rest Diner. It is less than a mile up HWY 6 from Dorman Pond.

This is a great little area with a lot to offer someone with a free Saturday afternoon looking for a new place to visit. Dorman Pond is maintained by local support mostly, we all must do our part to pack out whatever we pack in. Often times I have gone there and picked up extra trash. As a fisherman I am sometimes appalled at what I find my fellow anglers have left on the bank. The last time I visited, a SOLV cleanup sign had been posted stating it had recently been the beneficiary of a volunteer clean up. Keeping Oregon beautiful isn't easy, but well worth our efforts.

Dorman Pond taken June 11, 2011

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